Other notarization activities in accordance with law such as: Declaration of will; Issue copies of the transaction contracts stored at the office

Notarization of translated document, signature and original copy

Inheritance division agreement, Inheritance Claim Form , Inheritance Disclaimer Form

Will, confirmation of storing will

Agreement between spouses on Separate Property and Marital Property

Trading, Transferring, Exchanging, Donation, Renting - Borrowing Real estate contracts such as: land, factories, cars, motorbikes, ships, etc.

Contract of pledge , mortgage agreement, loan agreement

Mortgage agreement of future assets

About us

Nguyen Thanh Hung Notary Office is established under the Decision No. 675 / QD-UBND dated February 23, 2016 of the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City and has run under the Business Registration License No. 41.02 .0050 / TP-CC-ĐKHĐ dated April 6, 2016 of Department of Justice of Ho Chi Minh City.

Nguyen Thanh Hung notary office is located at 4 Tran Quang Dieu, Ward 13, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City which is in the administrative and financial center in Ho Chi Minh City. This place is adjacent to District 1, District 10, Tan Binh District, Phu Nhuan District, etc- such a convenient venue for you to notarize contracts and transactions. Nguyen Thanh Hung notary office has spacious and modern facilities with a gross used area of ​​over 400 m2, a private meeting room for customers when they need a contract negotiation or payment with partners. There is spacious parking lot that is very convenient for customers to complete notary procedures as well as a cosy coffee shop while the customer waiting for our nortay services.

With hands- on experience notary team who have profound knowledge in notarization service and have many years of experience in legal work such as judges, lawyers, notaries etc ... A team of professional secretaries who are bachelors of Law, trained about notarization at the Judicial Academy and have many years of experience working for reliable notary offices in Ho Chi Minh. The procedure of our notary team is extremely professional, fast, accurate and lawful that builds our customer loyalty. Nguyen Thanh Hung Notary Office is pleased and proud to provide you with notarization and authentication services in accordance with the law.

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Senior adviser


Nguyen Vinh Huy

Nguyen Vinh Huy

PhD in Law - Vice Chairman of Notary Association of Vietnam- Senior Advisor at Nguyen Thanh Hung Notary Office

Notary: Nguyen Thanh Hung

Notary: Nguyen Thanh Hung

Vice President - Head of Nguyen Thanh Hung Notary Office

Notary: Tran Tuyet Nhung

Notary: Tran Tuyet Nhung


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Notary Office Nguyen Thanh Hung

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No. 4, Tran Quang Dieu, Ward 13, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

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0917 979 893

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